Social Research Consultancy is a Sydney-based research agency that has been providing services since 2012. Under supervision of Martijn Boersma, with involvement of skilled associates depending on project requirements, we provide reliable research expertise for NGOs, government agencies, educational institutions, business entities and policy making organisations.

We conduct high-quality research that accurately analyses topic areas and key concepts while providing progressive and practical solutions for identified issues and concerns. Social Research Consultancy provides fully autonomous as well as collaborative research services. At all times our aim is to provide a tailor-made professional research solution depending on your specific needs.

Social Research Consultancy represents over a decade of academic research experience, as well as a considerable track record performing research for national and international non-governmental organisations. We specialise in qualitative data gathering and analysis and have competency in a multitude methodological approaches and research methods.

We specialise in collecting information through content analysis, surveying and conducting interviews. Data analysis takes place using the latest available software tools. The reports that we produce are tailored to the specificities of our clients. As such we customise our analytical frameworks and recommendations based on the nature of the report as well as its intended audience.

Social Research Consultancy has conducted research with a particular focus on corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, sustainability, gender equality, labour standards and supply chain issues. Within these areas we place emphasis on the identification of stakeholders and issues, evaluation of reporting and initiatives, and providing practical recommendations.